Iris Cantabri

Iris Cantabri is a premium woman’s fashion brand at the crossroads of high fashion and ready-to-wear. Fashion designer Guillaume Michel, creator of Iris Cantabri, emphasize free flowing form and movement in designs that are created on-model and allow for custom combinations. - What the client asked for: A new website to present the core concepts and values of Iris Cantabri, to showcase the collections and allow for serious contact: Iris Cantabri’s creations are custom combined and fitted on-model. - The answer: A complete, responsive redesign of the website taking special care of the contact process. - How: Studying and understanding the very specific graphic language of luxury fahsion brands. A minimalist and airy layout that emphasize photos and whitespace. Let typography breath. The rendez-vous funnel is simple and very forgiving in the amount of required info.

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