Le Grand Hebdo - Pages Jaunes / Solocal

Le Grand Hebdo is a news digest targeted at Pages Jaunes / Solocal’s marketing employees and managers. It is updated weekly and supported by a newsletter. - What the client asked for: An evolution to match the new hardware provided to their reader ; namely iPhones/iPads and Surface Pros ; and its mobile use. The goal is to be the favorised pro-related news provider among Pages Jaunes / Solocal’s employees and managers. - The answer: A complete, responsive and modern looking redesign of the website and the newsletter, featuring longer and richer articles with audio and video. - How: I worked heavily by going back and forth from static mockups to prototyping in the browser. It helped maintaining a strong focus on responsive design and behaviors (what happens on scrolling, getting timings right... ). The images shown here are actual screen captures of the final prototype.

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